Gender and Labour in New Times 2.0 Workshop Format

Workshop Aims

The workshop at the Ourimbah campus has three main aims:

1. To develop the research focus for the network.

2. To enable network members to gain a more detailed understanding of each other’s research backgrounds and interests

3. To shape a programme of future network activities. 

To achieve these aims the workshop will comprise:

1. OPEN SESSIONS – these sessions are designed to generate ideas, issues and topics for potential joint exploration. Each member has a one hour slot to make an informal presentation on their current research and thinking around the broad theme of ‘gender and labour in new times’, including the key problematics and questions which frame their thinking. These are not formal paper/presentation slots, but rather are intended to be ‘thinking in progress’ style sessions where more time is dedicated to speculative exploration rather than fixed positions or conclusions. The sessions will enable members to understand each other’s research backgrounds and interests in the context of the network.

2. BANKING SESSIONS – these sessions will be used to ‘capture’ the potential of the open sessions by exploring the connections between and across different members’ research. They will comprise open discussion and are intended to refine the research focus for the network.  No particular outcome or direction is assumed in advance.

3. SHAPING SESSIONS – these sessions will draw together the work of the banking sessions in particular and are designed to enable us to refine the agenda/programme for the network and to plan and collectively manage its future.

The above will be complemented by a session on day one on ‘building collaborative research teams’ led by Maryanne Dever which is designed to remind us of the features of successful research teams and why some teams work better than others. It will help us reflect on how ‘collaboration ready’ we may be as a group.