News article: Full-time work: Too Risky?

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald (29 August 2015) by Alexandra Cain argues that a full-time job is too risky in the contemporary labour market.

An excerpt:

If you are in full-time employment, you have only one source of income. Should anything happen to the business and you lose your job, how would you pay for your outgoings? How would you continue to look after your dependents? What would happen if you couldn’t find another similar job? It’s an incredibly scary prospect, far too terrifying for me.

It used to be that freelancing was the riskier career path: no job security, no idea where your next job would come from. But that’s certainly no longer the situation.

The way I operate, I have about 20 clients, of which about five I work with on a week-to-week basis. The remaining 15 send work my way on average about once a month. What that achieves is a properly diversified income stream.”
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