ILO reports three quarters of world’s workers in insecure jobs

The Guardian is reporting on the ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook 2015 (WESO) which documents a marked increase in the numbers of people working in insecure work on short-term or no contracts, as self-employed or in unpaid famiily jobs. “Only a quarter of the world’s workers are on permanent contracts”, according the report’s main author, Raymond Torres.

He noted that, “in developing countries wage and salaried work was growing at a slower pace than before the crisis, while in advanced economies such jobs were not growing and were declining in some cases – such as in the UK.”

“There were signs of declining employment security in high-income countries since the financial crisis, Torres said, flagging up the rise of self-employment, of workers without contracts and those who were involuntarily working part-time.”

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