More on unpaid internships

An article in The Conversation (UK) by Aoife Nolan and Rosa Freedman argues, The human rights sector must stop exploiting unpaid interns.

In particular, they warn that in accepting interns solely from the ranks of those who can afford to work without salary, the section “threatens to become a self-replicating economic elite in which representativeness and legitimacy are eroded. If it’s entirely staffed by people who can rely on the bank of mum and dad, the human rights infrastructure will inevitably fail to identify and engage effectively with the needs of society’s most vulnerable”.

They also note that:

“With the one, two and now even three internships that are required before candidates can secure a full-time remunerated position, the “experience benchmark” for paid employment and the first salaried rung on the ladder is considerably higher than it was just a few years ago. This situation benefits those who have “cracked” the human rights system – and makes things even tougher for those who have not.”

Read the full article here.