Worker sacked for disabling app that tracked her 24/7?

News article in Ars Technica covering an on-going law suit in which an employee claims they were sacked shortly after they disabled the Xora app that allowed her employer to track her movements both on and off the job.

“Arias’ attorney, Gail Glick, said in a Monday e-mail to Ars that the app allowed her client’s “bosses to see every move the employees made throughout the day.”

The app had a “clock in/out” feature which did not stop GPS monitoring, that function remained on. This is the problem about which Ms. Arias complained. Management never made mention of mileage. They would tell her co-workers and her of their driving speed, roads taken, and time spent at customer locations. Her manager made it clear that he was using the program to continuously monitor her, during company as well as personal time.