Zero Hours Contracts Up

An article in  The Guardian reveals that nearly 700,000 people in the UK are on zero-hours contracts in their main job – a rise of more than 100,000 on a year ago – according to new official figures.

“The Office of National Statistics said the 28% increase was not so much the result of a surge in the number of zero-hours jobs offered by employers last year, but due more to increasing recognition of the contracts by staff when asked by researchers about their employment terms.”

“Universities and colleges have become large-scale users of zero-hours contracts, while an estimated 160,000 care staff are also on similar deals. Around a third of people on them want more hours, the Office of National Statistics added, saying people on zero-hours deals are more likely to be women, students in full-time education or working part-time. They are also more likely to be aged under 25, or 65 and over.”