This is the home of labouring futures.  ‘…sociological analyses of the future, of the new and of change must…be entangled in the actualisation of time in practice…’ Lisa Adkins, Sociological Futures: From Clock Time to Event Time (2009).

Austerity has hampered our ability to imagine a better future

Rebecca Coleman in The Conversation writes: “In the UK and other parts of the Western world, the notion that we are progressing towards a better future has been a consistent, if not entirely uninterrupted, ideal. But in recent years, this idea seems to be changing and it doesn’t bode well for a future that’s more […]

Advance Notice: Work2015 – New Meanings of Work

Work2105: Second International Interdisciplinary Conference on Research on Work, 19-21 August 2015, Turku, FINLAND. The first conference on research on work –  WORK2013 –  in Turku brought together over 200 researchers with four excellent keynote sessions and paper streams with 160 presentations, all of which opened out fruitful discussions and debate. The Second International Interdisciplinary […]

The Job Centre Bar

Jane Elliott in The Guardian on the conversion of a job centre on the Deptford High Street, London, into a bar called The Job Centre.

PhD Scholarships available

Two PhD scholarships are available to suitably qualified candidates to work with Professor Lisa Adkins at the University of Newcastle, Australia, on doctoral projects on the following topics: Sociology of work and labour, especially of precarious labour and precarious labour markets  Sociology of time, especially of speculation and speculative practices.  WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Candidates must hold a first class […]

New publication: LUC BOLTANSKI

New publication: LUC BOLTANSKI FORTHCOMING from Anthem Press: The Spirit of Luc Boltanski: Essays on the ‘Pragmatic Sociology of Critique’ Edited by Simon Susen and Bryan S. Turner. Imprint: Anthem Press Hardback ISBN 9781783082964 October 2014 | 850 Pages   About This Book The fact that Luc Boltanski is widely regarded as one of the most influential […]

“By removing th…

“By removing the redundant nature of screening, reviewing, and rejecting candidates, we will redirect that energy into creating proactive pipelines of talent. When our managers have an opening in the future, we’ll already have Insiders (aspiring employees) pipelined, pre-qualified, and ready to be interviewed.” Michael Bailen, senior HR Manager for Zappos, in a post on recruitment […]

Public Lecture: What Do Wages Do? Feminist Theory in Austere Times

2014 ANU Gender Institute Public Lecture Series Feminist Theory Now Tuesday 3 June 5 – 6.30 pm Professor Lisa Adkins, BHP Billiton Chair of Sociology, University of Newcastle The Theatrette Room 2.02, Sir Roland Wilson Bulding, McCoy Circuit, ANU, Canberra. Find the podcast here. In this lecture, Professor Adkins investigates the role of resources, including […]

Special Issue: Gender and Labour in New Times

Out now: journal special issue  edited by Lisa Adkins and Maryanne Dever. Special Issue: ‘Gender and Labour in New Times’ in Australian Feminist Studies Volume 29, Issue 79 (2014)     CONTENTS: Lisa Adkins & Maryanne Dever, ‘Gender and Labour in New Times: An Introduction‘ Fiona Allon, ‘The Feminisation of Finance: Gender, Labour and the […]

Disobedient Workers, the law and the making of unemployment markets

Disobedient Workers, the Law, and the Making of Unemployment Markets   The Kent Law School presents: The Public Life of Private Law  An ESRC Seminar Series   Seminar 4: Protest, Precarisation, Possibility Listen to: Lisa Adkins on ‘Disobedient Workers, the Law, and the Making of Unemployment Markets’ Abstract: In this paper I am concerned with the juridicalization of the […]


Lecture: Measuring Labour and Rethinking Value From the journal feminists@law Vol. 4, No. 1 (2014).   A lecture by Lisa Adkins which considers the form of labour which has been at the very heart of feminist theorizations of immaterial labour, namely domestic labour. She explores transformations to this labour in the context of financialization, and in particular the […]


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